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The '''San Francisco Public Utilities Commission''' ('''SFPUC''') is a public agency of the San Francisco, California|City and County of San Francisco that provides water, wastewater, and electric power services to the city and an additional 1.6 million customers within three San Francisco Bay Area counties.[ About SFPUC], San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Since its creation in February 2005, the SFPUC Power Enterprise Division has supplied power to many city facilities including San Francisco Municipal Railway|Muni, San Francisco International Airport as well as the Modesto and Turlock Irrigation districts.The SFPUC is also the water, electricity and wastewater utility for occupants of Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. The '''SFPUC''' manages a complex water supply system consisting of reservoirs, tunnels, pipelines and treatment facilities and is the third largest municipal...


texts 127
Water-supply 78
Street-railroads 59
Public utilities 55
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 55
Airports 29
Dams 17
San Francisco International Airport (Calif.) 14
Local transit 13
San Francisco Municipal Railway 9
Dam safety 8
Water-supply engineering 8
Environmental impact statements 6
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Bureau of Light, Heat and Power 5
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Hetch Hetchy Water Supply, Power and Utilities Engineering Bureau 4
San Francisco Public Library 3
Streets 3
Trip generation 3
Choice of transportation 2
Dam retirement 2
Environmental impact analysis 2
Express highways 2
Groundwater 2
Pipelines 2
San Francisco (Calif.). Municipal Transportation Agency 2
San Francisco (Calif.). Office of the Assessor-Recorder 2
San Francisco (Calif.). Office of the City Administrator 2
San Francisco (Calif.). Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector 2
San Francisco (Calif.). Recreation and Park Dept 2
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Dept 2
Sewage 2
Sewage disposal 2
Subways 2
Water resources development 2
Water reuse 2
Access to airports 1
Aeronautics, Commercial 1
Bus lanes 1
Bus lines 1
Cable cars (Streetcars) 1
Calaveras Dam (Calif.) 1
Commuting 1
Concessions 1
Electric power 1
Electric power-plants 1
Electric utilities 1
Employees 1
Gas-turbine power-plants 1
Highway planning 1
Labor discipline 1
Landing aids (Aeronautics) 1
Municipal water supply 1
Neighborhood Youth Corps (U.S.) 1
Occupational training 1
Personnel management 1
Private flying 1
Public buildings 1
Public contracts 1
Quarries and quarrying 1
Reservoirs 1
San Francisco Electric Reliability Project 1
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Hetch Hetchy Water and Power System 1
Santa Clara Sand and Gravel (Firm) 1
Summer employment 1
Supervision of employees 1
Traffic engineering 1
Traffic estimation 1
Transport workers 1
Urban transportation 1
Water 1
Water quality 1
Water supply 1
Youth 1